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The new trend of binary options shareholders

Every now and then a hot new online trend surfaces and attracts influential innovators who wish to monetize it. A few years ago it has been gaming, then binary options sites. The most current, up to date trend is the online lottery in Malaysia.


Online lottery might sound like just another one of these passing phases, but it isn’t. It holds some major advantages over other online trends. So why is it investors are so interested in online lottery platforms and why is it most of them believe that, unlike other trends, the online lottery is here to stay. Here are a number of reasons:

An untapped online potential


In many countries the lottery is such an accepted form of entertainment it’s deemed as a commodity. In fact a staggering 28% of all global gambling revenues come from the lottery industry. However, lottery in Malaysia is one of the few commodities which haven’t fully fulfilled their virtual monetizing potential yet, with only 10% online gambling revenues.

That’s a large part of the market that’s left out of the game. As the world is becoming more and more virtual and the 4D lottery game itself isn’t going anywhere, there is no doubt this industry is under saturated and is heading towards the virtual path.

Various traffic channels


In the online sphere marketing is your most important asset. As a result of the under saturated market in the online 4D lottery industry its traffic is still both inexpensive and is easier to engage. In fact, while CPA costs in the binary options field vary from $350-$500, an average CPA in the online lottery field is worth between $40-$80, roughly 10% of a binary options’ CPA!

There wasn’t ever a better timing to step in and reap the profit.

Customers’ longevity


Unlike the casino and binary options industries, where there is a great number of one time customers, the 4D lottery has a reputation for being an accepted form of gambling, which is why many lottery players purchase 4D lottery tickets on a regular basis throughout their life.

As a result many online 4D lottery sites offer a monthly subscription option. The monthly subscription enables a user to significantly increase his chances of winning, conveniently and hassle free.

Vast audience


Everybody loves the lottery: old people, young people, in Malaysia as well as in Europe, Canada and Australia. The lottery is popular across all sectors and has played that part since the age of time. Thanks to the online lottery players are no longer restricted to their local lottery.

They can now play any 4D lottery, from anywhere in the world and at any time as oppose to the offline “old school” lottery. Imagine yourself sitting in front of your TV in Malaysia, buying a ticket to the Magnum 4D, Sports Toto or DaMaCai, at 8 AM in the morning. Once this may have sounded like a sci-fi fictional event but it no longer is! It’s very, very real!

Existing case studies show online 4D lottery yields a yearly revenue of over a billion Dollars altogether. With the sample advantages featured above it is clear why this field is booming and why so many people consider it to be the next big thing.


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